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Working Bovines on the Farm

Farming, especially in a small family farm situation, is often a solitary business.


Nurturing a Positive Relationship with the Working Bovine

Modern cattle retain many of the instincts that have allowed their species to survive throughout history.


The (Very) Versatile Milk Cow

When it comes to cattle, humans have tended to develop specialized cattle: beef or dairy. At one time, however, the distinctions were much less rigid.


Making the Case for Using Dairy Cows as Draft Power on the Farm – Part One

For many, the dairy cow has become something of a storybook character that no longer really resembles the strong, capable beast that has historically been the foundation animal for many small farms and homesteads.


Anne Wilfafsky really does a great job training her steer and cows. Video shows her training, riding and even jumping her cow. Great camera work.
Old Partner is a must watch. So much time went into creating this great film.
Regina Mayer, the 15-year-old bovine show jumper, grabbed the cow by the horns and spent two years training Luna, the family’s cow, to clear fences.
Anne Wilfafsky trains cattle to ride near her home in Zurich, Switzerland. She is teaching a workshop on training cattle to accept a rider.

Leather Work Harnesses

I’m a freelance fashion designer who specialises in print designs and combining fabrics. My designs have been sold all over Europe and the USA and I have worked with some of the biggest designers in the industry. I’m also currently working with a big supermarket to develop a gorgeous, yet affordable, range of beautifully printed key pieces that no women’s wardrobe should be without. I’m a freelance fashion designer who specialises in print designs and combining fabrics.